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Looking for the Glory


An Exposition of the Epistle of Titus


Adam D. Thropay



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PAUL's EPISTLE TO TITUS is remarkable for the wealth of teaching that it packs into just forty-six verses. Those verses contain pointed and practical instruction for believers from every age group and social class. But they also contain profound doctrinal statements that take us right on to the glorious manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ, and link our present responsibilities to God's great and eternal purpose for His own. This volume provides a clear and comprehensive phrase-by-phrase exposition of the epistle and will be a valuable resource for anyone who wishes to grasp the truth of this
delightful pastoral epistle.

Adam D. Thropay has been engaged in meticulous Bible study for many years. He has been involved in Bible teaching in assemblies in north America, and is well known for his written ministry, in magazines and in online fora. He is the author of Local Church Essentials. Adam and his wife, Heather, live in Downey, California and are in fellowship in the local church that gathers to the Lord's name there.