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The Nature of the Atonement



James Morison



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THE DOCTRINE OF THE ATONEMENT is among the most important of Scripture. Only by correctly understanding the truth of the atonement can we understand the true significance of the death of Christ. For al l its importance, the atonement has often been misunderstood, and frequently confounded with some other great scriptural truths, such as pardon, justification, redemption, reconciliation, and the payment of debt. In this clearly written book, Morison lucidly expounds the true meaning of atonement, distinguishing it clearly from other related – but distinct truths. This book will reward the reader with a fresh appreciation of the grace of God and the greatness of the death of Christ.

James Morison (1816–1893) was born in Bathgate, Scotland, and educated at Edinburgh University. Originally ordained a minister in the United Secession Church, but was suspended from his ministry because he did not hold the doctrine of limited atonement. He continued to preach the gospel, and saw many souls saved, before he died in Glasgow in 1893.