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The Mount Everest of Scripture and of Time


Brief Studies on the Cross of Christ


J. M. Davies



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The statement 'The life of the flesh is in the blood' is as incontrovertibly true of the Bible and its message, as it is of the animal kingdom. Rob the body of its blood and life departs; death follows with its decay and corruption. So with the Bible. Expunge from it the story of redemption by shed blood, woven so wonderfully into its warp and woof, and in our hands will be left a lifeless, cold and dead book, containing some good ethical teaching, but lacking in life-giving energy. The gospel story is its heart, its life-blood. The Cross is the central theme of revelation, it towers above all other events as the glory-crowned Everest of human history. It is the focal point between two eternities. All the purposes of God, whether in grace, in government, or in glory, find their centre in it.

In this book, J.M. Davies considers some touching aspects of this tremendous truth in a way that will touch the reader's heart while edifying the soul.