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God's Way of Electing Souls


To Eternal Life as revealed in His Word





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In endeavouring to ascertain the mind of the Spirit, as revealed to us in God's Holy Word on the doctrine of election to eternal Life, it is not the writer's intention to enter into the differences between the views of Calvin and Arminius, Augustine and Luther, or any other of the great theologians of bygone or present times. Rather, his intention is simply to take The Scriptures as his guide, and to endeavour humbly and prayerfully to ascertain what God has Himself revealed to us on this subject. In doing this, there is one canon of interpretation too often neglected, but which it is absolutely necessary to bear in mind while endeavouring to ascertain the mind of God on this or any other subject, viz., whenever difficult or apparently contradictory passages can fairly be interpreted in harmony with the general tenor of Scripture, we are bound to take that interpretation as the true meaning of those passages. The writer much fears that when Scripture is thus shown to harmonise in its teachings, many readers will be surprised to find that the meaning they had for years attached to certain passages is not after all the scriptural one, and perhaps think that violence has been done to the language of Scripture, instead of to their preconceived interpretation of it. (From the Introduction).