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Christ the Lord


Surveying the Glories of the Saviour


Frank McConnell

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For the Christian, there can be no greater occupation than to meditate upon the glories of Christ the Lord. This devotional book considers the glories of the Lord Jesus Christ, as revealed in His first and second advents. It covers every aspect of His Person and work: His incarnation until He hands over the kingdom to the Father. It directs the attention of our souls not just to events past and future, but to the One Who is the centre of these events and Who gives them purpose and meaning. Careful consideration of the contents of this book will open the mind to the truth of Scripture concerning the Lord Jesus, and challenge our hearts as to our devotion to Him. It will spiritually enrich the reader and draw forth worship and praise to the One Who is worthy.

Frank McConnell was born in Oldham, Lancashire. He was saved at the age of 15 and, after a successful career in business, was commended to the Lord's work in 1952. Shortly afterwards he moved with his family to Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe), from where he travelled widely ministering the Word of God throughout central and southern Africa. His final years were spent in the Western Cape, South Africa, where he was widely used in the ministry of the Word of God.

Christ the Lord - By Frank McConnell

The book's sub-title, Surveying the Glories of the Saviour, aptly describes what Frank McConnell achieves. It is a survey rather than an exhaustive exposition. However, in its survey it is filled with nuggets of pure gold, which if followed in personal study will draw the reader into a deeper understanding and appreciation of the glories of Christ. The author commences with the Saviour's incarnation and follows His experience in humanity right to climax of the Millennial kingdom, when the Saviour will hand over the kingdom to the Father.

For readers who like alliterated headings as memory aids, this book will be a particular delight. Readers will find their heart rising in worship, in response to the teaching of the glorious Saviour from the able pen of this author.

Frank McConnell, originally from England, laboured as a teacher of the Word of God among assemblies in Southern Africa, spending his former years in Zimbabwe and his latter years in the Western Cape, where I knew him personally and enjoyed many discussions with him on the Scriptures before he passed away in the early 1980s.

The devotional sweetness and exegetical clarity makes this book pleasant and profitable reading for all age groups.

Walter A. Boyd