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Partial or Perfect


The Cessation of Signs and Completeness of Scripture


Raymond H. Saxe



Product Description:

This book was first published in 1975 as The Battle for the Bible. It has lost none of its relevance in the intervening years, for the attack on the supremacy and sufficiency of Scripture, addressed so clearly in these pages, still continues unabated. Much false teaching concerning the continued validity of the sign gifts is still propagated, and much confusion still exists about their role in the twenty-first century. This book provides a clear and scriptural antidote to this confusion, simply and coherently laying out the teaching of Scripture concerning the purpose of the sign gifts, and the proofs of their cessation. Partial or Perfect encourages us to go back to the Bible, to rejoice afresh in the sufficiency of God's Word and its unique value as the only guide for God's people.